Love Your Social Media
Love it or hate it, social media is an important part of your business marketing and should increase your sales, improve your profile and generate great customer engagement. It needs to be light, relevant and interesting without the “hard sell” but you still want it to promote your business and reach as many people as possible and getting that balance right can be tricky.

At Love Your Marketing we love social media and we believe in making it easy, effective and innovative. So whether you manage your own social media content but just need a bigger audience and more creative way of engaging with your community and clients or whether you want tailor made advice on planning and running your campaign, Love Your Marketing can help make your social media marketing excel.

Whether it’s planning a campaign, creating great content or just using the right platform at the right time, getting your social media right isn’t always straight forward. So let Love Your Marketing work with you to help create a SMM strategy that is easy to manage and maintain, part of your overall marketing plan, consistent with your brand and values and attracts all the right sort of attention.

We Love Local
So we created a LOVE local network of Twitter accounts so local businesses and customers would have a Twitter feed to share infomation about their local area!
These Love accounts make it easier for businesses to reach more local people and engage with the local community thus helping to raise their business profile.

Our Love Local Twitter accounts include – Love Guildford – Love Cranleigh – Love Godalming – Love Fleet – Love Midhurst – Love Petworth – Love Haslemere  – GU Hour – GU Social

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